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Save time and avoid errors with online bookings

Customers sign contracts directly on the APP

Reduce management costs of the e-bike store/rental

View your e-bike fleet on the map

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Install the GPS on your bikes and e-bikes and monitor your fleet at all times.

BikeSquare Rental Manager

Fleet Management, Booking, Rentals, Accounting.

BikeSquare offers a range of solutions for bike rentals and stores

Many bike rentals and stores are used to working with paper or Excel sheets and they know how complex it is to keep everything under control. The store is full of customers, a booking arrives by telephone, a passer-by has a punctured tire, a lady wants to buy a bike.

Instead with BikeSquare it's quite another thing: the booking arrives online and you check it as soon as you have a moment. With just one click you can choose whether to accept or reject the booking. The customer receives a confirmation email and you can decide whether to send him an additional message.

The bikes have left the rental point

And when the bikes have left the rental point... we had left them at a Hotel. But was it yesterday? Or was it Friday. But did Guido deliver the bike or did the customer come to get it?

If these are common questions for you, the BikeSquare platform can be of great help. Our fleet management system allows you to monitor your bikes at all times, to know their location, if they are moving or stationary. And if you have the GPS KIT integrated on your e-bikes you can also choose to turn them on and off remotely and you can check if the battery is charged.

The bikes have returned

which of your competitors can automatically download the track of the route made by your client? Which of your colleagues can know at any time how much he has earned, how many rentals he has made, how many bikes he has taken from his partners, who has served more customers in the store, the average age of the customers?

With BikeSquare Rental Manager you always have the situation under control: you, your partners and customers.

The complete solution for every bike rental

If you're the manager of a bike rental, BikeSquare Rental Manager is the right tool for keeping the whole process under control, from the first contact with the customer, to the return of the bikes, to the collection of reviews.

Bringing our forces together

In addition to the fleet manegement system, you could also join the BikeSquare network. You are no longer alone, but you enter a network that offers you many advantages deriving from joining those who do the same job as you in other territories and from developing a local network of tour operators interested in working in the cycling tourism sector.