Bike fleet managment and e-bike rental

Simplify your work and increase revenues

BikeSquare Rental Manager is a rental management system that allows you to manage the entire process of e-bike bookings: from receipt of the customer's first request to signing the contract, which can be carried out on a tablet or through the app when downloaded on the customer's mobile phone.

The system allows you to work effectively and keep the fleet of bikes and the revenues of your rental point under control.

The CRM allows you to monitor your customers' data, find out where they come from, their age group and study customized marketing campaigns.

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Bike fleet management, bookings, rentals, contracts and reports.
A single tool to get rid of Excel sheets and easily manage rentals and keep under control your revenues.


Online Reservation

On line reservation

Instant confirmation of bookings from your mobile phone too. Make detailed quotes and keep your costs under control. In addition to different types of bikes you can also manage addons (helmets, child seast, guided tours, etc.) and delivery costs. Request a deposit to avoid no-shows.

fleet management

Fleet management

Where are the e-bikes?
Are they on or off? What's the battery level? What maintenance work did I carry out? Can I give the client a track of his itinerary? What are the most popular itineraries and stopping points?

It can be integrated with the BikeSquare GPS.


Accounting e Analytics

Thanks to a dashboard you always have under control costs and receipts.
How easily can you answer these questions today? How much do I owe to each supplier? How many partners have recommended my service? How many KMs did my van cover? Send the report to the accountant. With BikeSquare it only takes a moment.


Management of bookings and e-bike rentals

Online, Telephone and Walk-in Bookings

On line reservation

You can manage uniformly online bookings, telephone bookings as well as customers who come directly to the rental point. In a moment you confirm (and request a deposit), cancel or have the contract signed.

Collaboration between stores and operators

Team Work

You can manage the collaboration between various rental points and operators. You can assign a commission to operators that manage customer relations, to hotels that recommend you to customers, to operators who deliver the bikes to customers. Assign a reservation to another store or another operator.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar

All reservations are visible on the most user-friendly tool: Google Calendar, both from PC and mobile.
Share your calendar with all your colleagues, this way you'll avoid mistakes and over-booking. A shared calendar allows all those who work in the rental point to view bookings and contract details on their mobile phones.

Receive the deposit by credit or debit card

Credit Card

Avoid no-show. Avoid no-shows. Upon booking confirmation you can ask for a deposit by credit card and the remaining balance at the delivery of the bike.

Internal communication


Communicate with customers in an orderly way. Keep track of your communication with customers (extremelly useful if there are different operators), with just one click you can call, send sms or chat from your phone.

Say farewell to post-its and disorganised emails.

Privacy and Contracts

Privacy and Contracts

Use contracts studied ad-hoc by a law firm. This way you are sure that you have the right responsibility in the event of an accident or theft. Manage privacy according to the GDPR standard.

Print the contract in the language you prefer and have it signed (our contracts are already translated in several languages), or you can have it signed on a tablet or by smart phone thanks to our app.

Say farewell to paper contracts.

Bike S, M, L, XL? Lost accessories?

Bike and accessories

The system has been designed to assign the right bike to the right person, based on the height and model required. You can also add accessories to the bike rental, as well as transport, a discount or extra services you offer to customers. Keep track of how much you earn and how much it costs you.


E-bike Fleet Management

Bike position

Track your e-bikes' position at any time. See if they're on or off. It's really usefull in case of emergency, theft or a disperse fleet.

Turn e-bikes on and off remotely

Turn on the e-bikes only when needed (for example when the customer has completed the booking).
Integrated GPS required

Monitor the battery level

You can check the battery at any time. Useful for reminding hotels to charge the e-bikes or to support customers who have low battery.
Integrated GPS required

Send the track

Send your customers the track of their itinerary. A unique service that appeals to many.


Accounting and analytics for e-bike rentals

Costs/Revenues/Rentals Dashboard

Monitor how many rentals you've made to date and compare them with previous years.

Partner/Store Operator Commissions Management

Calculate partner and collaborator commissions based on how many customers they served. Generate account statements in PDF.

Marketing Statistics

Analyse your customer database, e.g. age, nationality. How many KMs do you cover for deliveries? All the information you need just a click away.


Export and send your invoices to your accountant.

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