ebike on a mountain road

Remote control of e-bikes and fleet management

If you own several e-bikes you are aware of the importance of knowing their position.
Your bikes may be in a hotel for a few days (but you lost the post-it indicating which one) or you received a call from one of your customers who had a minor accident but can't explain where he is or send you his position.
With the BikeSquare GPS (installed externally or integrated at the bike's battery) it is really easy to know where your bikes are and whether they have been moved.

bici elettrica su una strada di montagna

E-bike tracking and battery check

With the BikeSquare kit you can view on a map the route covered by each bike. This function can be useful for analysing the trips carried out with e-bikes by your customers in order to plan effective future marketing strategies.

With the kit integrated at the e-bike battery it is possible to:

  • turn bike assistance on and off remotely;
  • check if the bike battery is charged;
  • save the buffering of the bike's positions in an internal memory in case of lack of GPS coverage.

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