Territory, Local Autorities, Consortiums

Promote your territory as a cycling tourism destination

Give visibility to your cycling routes

Encourage and maintain collaboration between local stakeholders

Get a technological solution (Website+App) for promoting your territory

Prodotti e servizi

Whitelabel Website+App Platform

Website+App with your logo for your project or itinerary

Bike Plan Website+App platform

Plan the actions for making you city bike friendly

Communicate and Promote your territory as bike friendly

If you represent a territory and you are in charge of tourism and mobility, or you work for a Tourism Association, you are aware of the importance of transforming your area into an interesting and attractive destination for cycling tourists. In order to do so the use of innovative systems (Web and APP) that allow tourists to move independently on their bikes is becoming more and more imperative. Cycling tourists need to know what the territory has to offer, which are the bike friendly structures and which are the safe and pleasant routes to travel by bike.

Consultancy for the operational management of cycling tourism in a territory

BikeSquare offers support throughout the entire process of developing cycling tourism: from the identification of cycling routes, to spreading the culture of cycling, to activating and involving local stakeholders. BikeSquare can also help you with planning and communication for a successful mobility project.

BikeSquare can support you in developing your cycling tourism project

Bike Plans for towns and cities

Are you in charge of urban mobility for your Municipality and you are interested in making your city more bike friendly. BikeSquare offers consultancy for developing urban mobility plans and uses a Website+App platform for an effective communication of future changes and for enabling the active involvemnet of citizens in the decision making process.

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