E-bike manufacturer

Offer at the market a bike with extra services

Integration is very simple (only electric, no BUS, no control unit)

The GPS KIT is already integrated in the booking platform

You can offer a compatible solution for regular bikes too

Prodotti e servizi

Integrated GPS Kit

Bikes are produced with the GPS Kit hiden in the frame

External GPS Kit

The GPS can be attached to any bike, even not electric ones. USB charging.


Sell your e-bikes on our marketplace. New or used.

Manufacture a SmartBike easily and fast with BikeSquare

Save money for the development of a solution made by you. Rely on an Italian innovative company that develops both the hardware and software, and avoid a made-in-china solution on which you have no control.

Integrated Kit

This device is designed speficically for e-bikes. The device is bike-agnostic, so it does not depend on the e-bike manufacturer. The only customization necessary is that related to the container in which it is placed, which must be connected to the bike by placing it between the battery and the motor.

The device is recharged with the bicycle battery, that simple!

Hardware extra functions: In addition to the External Kit functions, this device allows:

  • remotely turning on/off (intervening only on the electricity that feeds the motor, without interfering with the control unit);
  • measurement (approximate) of the level of charge of the bike battery;
  • power supply using the bicycle battery;
  • buffering of the positions covered by the bicycle in an internal memory in case of lack of network coverage.


In addition to the fleet manegement system, you could also join the BikeSquare network. You are no longer alone, but you enter a network that offers you many advantages deriving from joining those who do the same job as you in other territories and from developing a local network of tour operators interested in working in the cycling tourism sector.