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Promote itineraries of regional importance

One of BikeSquare's objectives is to develop tools and processes for assisting regional authorities or specific territories in developing cycling tourism in a sustainable and integrated way.

With regional portals such as Cicloturismo Piemonte it is possible to bring together the cycling itineraries of a territory offering in this way a wide range of options for tourists who decide to take a cycling holiday in the area. We chose to show only "official" itineraries of regional interest or linked to projects followed by local authorities.
Another possibility is to use the BikeSquare Website + App for promoting a particular itinerary (for example The Apulian aqueduct, the Via Francigena, etc.)

Bici parcheggiata davanti ad un ristorante

The financial sustainability of portals

The institution that promotes the itinerary/ies could bear the initial cost of the project development.

In a second phase the points of interest (B&Bs, restaurants, bars, wother local economic activities of interest...) present along the itineraries will pay an annual fee in order to be present on the portal and app, obtain visibility and promote themselves as 'bike-friendly' structures.

Itineraries, app, points of interest: tourists who wish to take a bike holiday will have all the necessary information for organizing their self-guided tour.

'Cicloturismo Piemonte'

It was created in order to introduce the main Piedmontese cycling itineraries identified by the Piedmont Region in 2015.

In addition to itineraries such as the Via del Monviso, Canale Cavour, Eurovelo 8, ... it was decided to include in the portal cycling itineraries promoted by other projects: CycloMonviso, Due Ruote Due Regge, Corona of Delights.
These projects developed and promoted itineraries in the Piedmont Region. They also invested resources and carried out works to enable cycling tourism, i.e. installation of bicycle workshops and information boards for CycloMonviso, vertical and horizontal signage in the case of 2 Ruote 2 Regge and Corona di Delizie.

The common problem of these projects is long-term sustainability: following the end of the project it is difficult to find the resources to maintain and update a dedicated website, or to carry out the necessary actions for keeping the cycling itinerary animated.
Cicloturismo Piemonte is an aggregator site that allows different bodies to promote the itineraries developed and have greater visibility than a website on a specific itinerary would have.

app Cicloturismo Piemonte

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