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Promote urban cycle mobility

Many European cities are implementing policies and actions to encourage cycling in their territory. Stimulating the use of bicycles as a means of daily transport can progressively lead to the reduction of motorised travel and, thus, in cleaner, quieter, safer and more livable cities. Bikes are an ecologic, fast and economic means of transport and encouraging their use for urban trips can bring many advantages including a positive impact to citizens' health: bikes do not produce any type of emission and allow for some daily movement.

A Bike Plan (also known as bicyle plan or cycling plan) is a medium-term action plan with which a city sets out the actions to be carried out in order to improve the cycling conditions in its territory and promote cycling. It identifies the main cycling routes to be created, indicating their priority and the method of implementation for each one of them.

BikeSquare has set up a platform (Site+App) that allows local authorites to comunicate proposed changes to the urban road network and to indicate the location of their city's points of interest and attractions.

Stakeholder involvemet

The BikeSquare platform can be used as a strategic tool for the active involvement of citizen in the decision making process.
When a Municipality is planning modifications to urban mobility, it is important to inform the citizens and share the proposed plans with them, as well as listen to their opinion and comments. BikeSquare's platform can be set up in order to facilitate the development of Bike Plans, share the proposed actions with the citizens and collect their opinions and comments, with the aim to develop a widely shared and accepted mobility plan.

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You represent a municipality or a body interested in developing mobility actions.
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Your municipality is about to develop its Bike Plan and it would be useful to have a tool that gathers the future actions and facilitates the active involvement of citizens.