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The platform to manage cycling tourism / Transform ebikes into smartbikes

What do we do

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BikeSquare is focuess on the promotion of cultural heritage and environmental protection, and in particular in the fields of sustainable tourism, cycling tourism and sustainable mobility.

Our Vision

BikeSquare wants to transform as many territories in bike friendly activating a local development process and involving local stakeholders (hotels, b&b, restaurants, museums, tourist guides, etc.) increasing the number of cycling tourists and bringing an important number of kilometers from the private car to the bike.

La Mission

BikeSquare offers a complete set of innovative services for the creation of bike tourism circuites, ie: territories which are bike friendly, connected and work together to promote a more sustainable type of tourism.

Our Tools

BikeSquare provides serveral tools:

  • Online Marketing ans Booking Platform: Web Site + APP (iOS, Android and Windows Phone), available also as white-label - this is ideal for those who want to create their own web site for the promotion of cycling tourism or a bike plan.
  • Regional Portals (eg: Cicloturismo Piemonte.it) - managed by us, they are aiming at involving all the bike friendly services of a region, so to create a bike-friendly image of it.
  • Itaway It's a B2C brand for the promotion of e-bike tourism (or electric bike, assisted bike, pedelec)  - it allows tourists to rent a e-bike anywhere in the world and the territory to host cycling tourists.
  • Fleet Management Platform: Accountancy, Analitics, Fleet Monitoring, Remote Control (for e-bike renters)
  • On Board Hardware for e-bikes (bike agnostic)- under development