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Testing E.on ebike on the road

The Eon Bicycle is produced in Italy by FIVE, the Bologna-based electric vehicle factory (https://www.fivebikes.it/), which also provides its engine.It looks like a comfort bike, with average components, not too technical, nor too cheap. The bike has disc brakes, its luggage rack is solid ... in short, a nice bike.


Happy Birthday BikeSquare!

Two years ago, more or less at this time in the morning, Massimo


E-biking in Langhe with Amantha. Day 3.

It was no longer than a week when I made another booking for an e-bike from Itaway. This time I took another route suggested by the app and it was just as amazing as the previous ride. I just love the feeling of riding the e-bike, specially downhill with the wind strong on my face. With the perfect sceneries and Itaway points along the route, it sure makes a memorable experience for anyone who loves the nature.


E-Biking in Langhe with Amantha. Day 2.

The feeling I got riding my bike through beautiful landscapes past vineyards, sunflower fields and the wind blowing in my face under the sun is beyond words.


Front-IT project

We are in the post-poduction part of the Front-it project. Loving QGIS tools for our e-bike routes!

E-Biking in Langhe with Amantha. Day 1.


I am a 21 year old undergraduate in Sri Lanka and for the summer of 2017 I made my first visit to a European country, Italy. I accommodated myself in Novello, a comune in Province of Cuneo, 70km far from the city of Torino.  


Ride with Chinese Startuppers

Yesterday I had a unique business meeting. A few weeks ago I was contacted by Createc to join their Shake to Win. It’s a solution built on Wechat which offers Chinese FIT an in-depth cultural experience.


Cycling in Eastern Liguria


Let’s sum up 4 days of cycling by e-bike in Eastern Liguria. There are some positive things and some things that need to be improved.

The most positive thing is that roads are generally well maintained, with nice lanscapes and in the middle of green areas. Liguria has this magic of hills and mountains very close to the seaside. On the same day you could be pedalling 6-700 metres above sea level and then bathing in the sea.


Cinque Terre by e-bike

Liguria - Day 2 - Levanto-Riomaggiore

Tough day today. I resumed from where I left yesterday, then I ran out of battery . In the afternoon I rode westwards and now I'm dead tired. Let's start from the beginning.

Morning - Cinque Terre

I did not sleep very well because I was annoiying mosquitos, nevertheless I woke up on time for the 8.20 train from Sestri Levante to Levanto. It took me to while since I had breakfast, bought sunscreen and dragged my bike at platform 2.