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The Danube Cycle Path, The Loyre Valley, the famous Dutch bike routes.

Even if we do not know those lands, they create an image in our mind. We imagine them as places where pedalling is pleasant and where we can easily find services for bike tourists.

BikeSquare helps territories to do the same: to become places where going by bike is easy, and where bike friendly services can be visible and promoted.


  1. BikeSquare helps territories identify their cycling soul. Going by bike on the Alps is for sure very much different than pedalling on the Danube. So the promotion must be different. Even different will be the choices to be done to promote a urban area as bike friendly, through bike plans.

  2. BikeSquare promotes participation and involvement not only for the bike tourists, but also for the tourist operators and the economic stakeholders of the area.

  3. BikeSquare incorporates all the completences related to cycling tourism, web development, web marketing, communication and participatory planning. BikeSquare is a singe stop shop for every subject related to cycling promotion both in touristic and urban areas.