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Cycling Tourism

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CycloMonviso is a project which took care of promoting cross-border cycling tourism between Italy and France. (Project: Alcotra PIT MONVISO: L'UOMO E LE TERRITOIRE)..

BikeSquare ebike portal



BikeSquare is our platform to promote ebike Tourisme in Italy and Europe.

It's intended for tourists who want to like an authentic experience by e-bike.

BikeSquare ebike portal promotes ebike tours and ebike friendly hotels.

You can download the BikeSquare APP in order to follow the best routes and bike frienldy attractions.

Corona di Delizie

Corona di Delizie is a bike route which runs arount Turin (Italy) and allows the tourist to visit all the Royal Palaces and Castles of the surroundings (Rivoli Castle, Royal Palace of Venaria).

Corona di Delizie is a project which aims at promoting the territory and fostering sustainable mobility in the West Area of Turin (Patto Territoriale Zona Ovest di Torino).

The project has been finances by the tourist department of the Region Piemonte.

BikeSquare has made for this project the app Corona in bici.