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The platform to manage cycling tourism / Transform ebikes into smartbikes

Fleet management for e-bikes

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The managers of a (electric) bike rental system in a tourist area or in a big city need to know where their bikes are.

And this is not enough!

BikeSquares promotes a model which his already in use in Italy which foresees that the bikes are not concentrated in a single rental spot, but they are distributed in the tourist area.

So, where are the bikes?

The bike can be rented by a bed-and-breakfast, a cellar, or a museum.

This rental spots decide to become partners of the central rental point;
They pay a yearly fee to be visible on the APP and Web Site and they receive a fee every time they make a new rental.

This way:

  • The central rental hub can count on a very widespread distribution of the bikes and on the promotion of the partners
  • Partners are highly visible, and they offer a service to their customers and they get a fee for every bike they rent
  • The tourist gets a service close to where he is, much more comfort while eating, lodging or tasting.


The central rental system might want to know, at any time: "did my partner pay the yearly fee?" "How much money do I owe them for the rentals that he has generated?": that's where the administrative platform enters the scene.

BikeSquare features are:

  • positioning of the bikes (remotely controlled by the on-board hardware)
  • charge level of the batteries of the bikes (are they ready for a new customer to rent them?)
  • possibility to switch off the bikes from remote (es: in case of customer not paying or theft)