he Eon Bicycle is produced in Italy by FIVE, the Bologna-based electric vehicle factory (https://www.fivebikes.it/), which also provides its engine.It looks like a comfort bike, with average components, not too technical, nor too cheap. The bike has disc brakes, its luggage rack is solid ... in short, a nice bike.

As for the aesthetics, bike has not so "graceful style", but often the less sporty tourist appreciates the fact of not having to lift and rotate the leg to get on the saddle. The Eon design of the stickers is very attractive (customers who enter the shop often say "that bike is beautiful", we see that it is new - many of the others are new, but this is "newer").

We put it to the test on the road, on the hills of Langhe.The engine starts working smoothly, without any noises. e-bike-langheThe assistance levels are 6, 7 gears, so you can always pedal at the desired pace even in a group, without the limit of having to "chase" or brake continuously to stay behind other travelers. Even on very steep climbs the engine helps in a decisive manner and allows people reaching the top of the hill (especially to those who are not too trained).The saddle is comfortable and the disc brakes are well calibrated (there is no risk of overturning). The front wheel has suspensions.

The bike has definitely passed the test, two details that would make it even more interesting would be the headlights connected directly to the battery and the wheel lock system (ideal AXA which matches high standards).