ou may never understand why people are bewitched, flying from all corners of the globe to experience cycling on country roads, like me myself, from Shanghai, China. On the way from Amsterdam to Turing, you can see the snow-covered mountains clearly through the window. It is hard to avoid thinking about the coming Torino.

You will soon be able to prove that the place you are going to arrive at cannot be described simply with the words "most beautiful in the world".bike around barolo

My host, Massimo, the boss of BikeSquare looks like a charismatic euro man with humble smiles, skilled cook, adept cycling skills that make you enchanted. He relies on what is the most mysterious magic to let all people be willing to follow him around, riding a bicycle to the endless grape yards and witnessing the sunrise and sunset.

The beautiful Russian girl volunteers here together with my son and meets the other kids.

Russian girl riding bicycle in Novello

You can't imagine how responsible a little girl can be, who is the daughter of Massimo, but I'm sure she'll watch you ride your bike until she thinks you can really relax and ride your scooter.

girls on the bike in novello

The yellow moon blooming on the edge of the old grape stump is particularly attractive. Dark red geranium flowers seem to be always so happy to blossom, with deepness which is hard to be expressed in words.

The country is full of such beautiful wildflowers, dotted with simple roadside and lined with grape vines. It is so beautiful that your spirit will always be lifted when you see it.

This is the most beautiful lavender I have ever seen. They are not as wide as those of the English Channel, nor are they as familiar as my own home-grown lavender, which when you walk through, you will smell the refreshing fragrance. They are unique because they are handmade by Lucia.

The ground is covered with pieces of brown bark. It seems that you could smell and see the natural aroma of Van Gogh's passionate, self-contained, implicit and classical oil painting to which he burns himself and devotes his whole life.

My host, Massimo, and the children build happy atmosphere together so that everyone who has been with them will have an unforgettable memory and will secretly swear that they have to live like this, treating their own family and friends in this way!