am a 21 year old undergraduate in Sri Lanka and for the summer of 2017 I made my first visit to a European country, Italy. I accommodated myself in Novello, a comune in Province of Cuneo, 70km far from the city of Torino.  

As I love cycling, I wanted to go on a bicycle tour during my stay. E-bikes are not very popular in Sri Lanka which is the main reason I wanted to try it here. So while searching the web for e-bikes, I came across this bicycle renting organization (formerly called Itaway, now BikeSquare - http://ebike.bikesquare.eu/langhe). They have four locations in Italy and I chose what is closest to me, in Langhe area, Piedmont. I contacted them through their e-mail and they replied back to me within 24 hours and confirmed my booking which made it easier for me to plan out the rest of my stay in the country. Their e-bikes can reach speeds of up to about 25km / h and the distance you can travel may depend on the area you are traveling, for example about 50km in a hill side or 120km on flat land. And also they have an app where they suggest many different routes with less traffic and scenic views around the city with points of interests and many bars and restaurants.

So I made it to their shop on a Sunday morning and they had a bike prepared for me when I got there. Wow they were really friendly and their service was super good. And after the demonstration provided by them regarding of how to use the e-bike, I set off in one of the tours suggested in the app and thanks to the app you can never get lost in this foreign land.