ome of these days I decided to visit the Ligurian coast as I had a day-off.  So, I simply went there by train from Fossano to Finale Ligure.

Unfortunately, there was not sunny when I came but anyway I liked to walk along the coast.

The most important thing for people on bikes in Finale Ligure is that almost all restaurants and hotels are bike-friendly – you can just leave them there or near to the seaside and stay for swimming with no worries about your two-wheeled friend.

Later, around 8 pm, I had a dinner in some of the restaurants in Finalborgo.  (usually, the price for dinner here is around 20 euros and higher, but I have paid only 10 because of the discount. I think the reason for it was that the table was reserved for 20:30, and I did not spend so much time there. It’s very picturesque place: little shops, trattorias, gelaterias and breathtaking hills around.

The day after, I went to the beach to have a breakfast near the seaside and then just spent hours chilling, swimming and sunbathing.

When it became too hot I went for a walk along the coast again. I have no words! An amazing trip I will never forget! Next time I will go there by e-bike and my advice for you is to do the same.

Stay tuned!