n recent years, as a green travel mode, bicycles have been increasingly valued by China governments, markets, and NGOs for their characteristics of low emissions, health promotion, and flexibility. Especially with the market forces of Mobike, OfO and other shared bicycles fermenting, bicycle tourism is gradually becoming the favor of the citizens and capitalists and returning to the cities.

Cycling tourism has already formed a big industry. According to statistics, China has 6 million cycling enthusiasts, more than 3,000 bicycle clubs, and more than 3,000 bicycle-themed events or races each year. In 2020, the cycling market is expected to reach 1600 Billion yuan (209 billion euros), which is naturally a huge market.

It is quite cheap to enjoy bike tourism in China. The average daily expense is ¥100 (13 euros) per day. At present, some hotels have provided bicycle rental services for the convenience of customers in the nearby sightseeing experience. The website below lists some Chinese hotels that provide bike rental service as well as their locations. (http://map.baidu.com/?newmap=1&l=5&tn=B_NORMAL_MAP&s=s%26contp%3D1%26on_gel%3D0%26wd%3D酒店自行车租赁%26c%3D1%26sc%3D0%26sfrom%3Dmap_pc&from=alamap&tpl=text01)

There is also cooperation between scenic spots and bicycles. Many attempts have been made in areas like Hangzhou West Lake, Jinan Daming Lake Qiandao Lake, Xiandu Scenic Area and other famous scenic spots, which are all equipped with public bicycles.

One of the best cycling experiences is in The Xi’an Circumvallation, which was built in 1370. Xian is an ancient city in the central part of China with long history and culture accumulation, which is very worth visiting. 

You can enjoy a 14 km riding experience on the wall, taking a glance at the combination of modern and ancient culture. The price is around 4 – 5 euros per 100 minutes. The tandem bicycle is also available for couples or friends that would like to cooperate.